About the Band


HedBox is an American Hard Rock/Metal band from Long Island, New York formed by the former members of System in Chaos. ...The band has, thus far, released one Ep.

System in Chaos and Formation (2010-2013)

In the early 2010, Ev after departing from Sins and Needles a Hardore Metal band had collaborated with drummer X in order to form their own band which would focus more on an Alternative Rock style similar to bands of the mid to late 1990’s. The project would later include Jorge and Steve which developed the general mood of the music with their guitar playing and evolved the sound into a more Grungy and Sludge Sound. The missing link of the band was introduced later that year after Don joined the band; therefore completing the lineup and adding the final element to the music and energy of the band.

Throughout the era of System in Chaos the band had established themselves as a serious outfit playing shows every week to crowds of various sizes throughout New York. During the Summer of 2011 American Squarebag the band’s first EP was released this included songs like Wicked Saint which received radio airplay in New England. As the band continued to write new material they began to venture into a new direction which would evolve their sound and image. Being asked to play in their Milestone gig Forest Park Rock Fest in 2013 they proved that the city was able to be conquered.

After this show the band saw the departure of their first member Don and following the Summer Steve departed due to creative differences.

Line-up changes and subsequent releases (2013–2014)

Following the disbanding in late 2013 Ev, X, and Jorge collaborated in the creation of a new band, a band which would have a Hard Rock influence but more Groove driven. After months of playing around in the studio and bouncing around ideas Tommy also a former member of Sins and Needles entered to assume the Rhythm Guitar role. The band began to write new material following their new formula and once again Don completed the mix. Upon his return the band finalized the sound which they were looking for.

HedBox (2014–Present)

As of June 2014, HedBox was formed.

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